Maintaining Garage Door Roller Tracks

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If you know how to properly maintain your garage door’s roller tracks, you will be able to enjoy your unit for years to come. Roller tracks frequently rust, accumulate dirt or become misaligned, which is why you should do a periodic clean-up of your roller tracks — in order to keep them working in top shape.

Remove Obstructions
Your garage may contain vehicles and other items that could cause obstruction while you are inspecting the unit; remove these things, before working, so that you can have a clean working space.

Check the rollers and replace any of the rollers that are damaged or worn out. If you have metal rollers with bearings that are unsealed, use an old toothbrush to dislodge any grime and dirt from the rollers. After that, spray the rollers with lubricants made especially for rollers. You can use WD-40 on the ball bearings. If you are unable to clean the ball bearings adequately, if any are damaged or missing you will have to replace the roller. If your rollers are nylon, and they have bearings that are sealed, you need not use any lubrication, these are called zero maintenance rollers; just brush to remove any excess dirt or grime.

Check the nuts and bolts that hold the roller tracks in place. If any of the hardware is loose, tighten them using a wrench. Be careful not to tighten them too much, you could strip them and need to replace it.

The insides of the tracks may be dirty and may have some build-up of grime. Using a washcloth, take away the dirt and grime, making sure that the roller tracks are clean. Using a disc brake cleaner, spray the tracks and use another washcloth to clean the tracks from excess dirt and from the cleaner. The tracks require lubrication to allow the rollers to move easily. A grease based lubricant such as a silicone spray works best and is recommended.

Check that the tracks are properly aligned using a level. They should slant slightly downwards towards your garage. Using a level, check if the tracks are still aligned. The tracks must also hang the same distance from the ceiling. If you need to do adjustments, loosen the bolts holding the tracks in place and tap the tracks to align them into place. This should keep your tracks from being misaligned in the future. Regular maintenance of your door’s roller tracks are necessary for them to be in the best working condition. The tracks should be level and there should be no loose hardware. If you find any loose hardware, tighten it using a wrench or a screwdriver.

After all these maintenance tips if you still have trouble with your tracks and rollers there are professionals who are available to help resolve your unit’s issues. For regular maintenance or troubleshooting problems give a repair service a call.

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